Mac version updated and fixed!

I have fixed a major bug in the Mac version among other issues.


  • (Hopefully) fixed the glitch where the endless mode unlock doesn't save until you play the mode once.
  • Fixed the problem where the credit sequence crashes on a Mac
  • Removed Rossies 3D release date (It was never met)
  • Added a cheat, can you find it?


A'v sortit oot a big bug in the Mac version alangside ither glitches.


  • (Howpfu-like) sortit oot glitch whaur the endlessmode unlock daesna hain at the creedits screen
  • Sortit oot the problem whaur the creddits screen crashes the gemm
  • Remuives Rossies 3D release date
  • Pit in a cheat, can yese find it?


Rossies Classic - MacOS - DMG Package 56 MB
Feb 05, 2020

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