Sega Saturn Version Updated!

I have updated the Sega Saturn version of Rossies Classic to fix a bug an update the credits.

Also, the download is now available directly through Itch!


  • Added music and original idea credits
  • Number of Kruncanites on screen now resets with the rest of the game


A'v updatit the Sega Saturn version o Rossies Classic tae sort oot a bug an update the creedits.

The dounloud is nou available throu Itch an aw!


  • Pit in muisic an oríginal idea creedits
  • Nummer o Kruncanites on screen resets nou wi the lave o the gemm


Rossies Classic - Sega Saturn - NTSC 1 MB
Feb 05, 2020
Rossies Classic - Sega Saturn - PAL 1 MB
Feb 05, 2020

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