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Operation: Pinkeye is an arcade first person shooter inspired by 90s first person and rail shooters.

Set in an alternate universe where the UK never formed. You play as a Scottish Secret Service (SSS) agent protecting Scotland from being invaded by England.

Find out more about the game and it's universe on the game's website!

Coming out May 2022 for PC, Mac, and Linux on CD, Itch and GameJolt!

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Operatioun: Pinkeye is an Arcade First Person Shuiter tak fae FPS gemms an Rail Shuiters fae the 90s.

Set in a warld whaur the UK nivver got thegither. Ye'r a saicret agent thit wirks fur the Saicret Service fur Scotland (SSS), oot tae stap anither ettlin tae tak ower Scotland bi the Ingels.

Fun oot mair anent 'e gemm an the warld it's set in on 'e gemm's wabsite!

Oot Mey 2022 on PC, Mac an Linux on CD, Itch an GameJolt!

See gin yese like whit yese see an ur wintin tae gies a haun in makkin 'e gemm, gies yer support on Patreon!

Yese kin keep track o the development on wir development blog an aw!

Jyne 'e Stormplay Discord Server!


'S e urchaire-ciad-phearsa ais-sheallach a tha ann an Opairèisean: Pinkeye, a dheachdadh leis na geamaichean air a leithid Goldeneye agus Virtua Cop.

Ann an saoghal gun RA, 's thusa Ken Maxwell a Glaschu, 's e àidseant na h-Alba a th’ annad. Feumaidh thu a' chuir stad air lunnadh Sasannach eile!

A' tighinn an cèitean 2022 air PC, Mac is Linux, agus air CD agus Digiteach!

Làrach-lìn | Discord


Writing, Design & Programming - Cobra!
Models - Cobra!, Riko07 & CptDrunkBear
Music - SpeedyNoelle & therektafire
Sound FX - Christos Kerastaris
Logo - Josh Graham
Localisation Française - Pocket Racer
Русская локализация - Glazier

Download demo

Operation: Pinkeye Demo - Windows 64-bit 31 MB
Operation: Pinkeye Demo - Windows 32-bit 30 MB
Operation: Pinkeye Demo - Linux 64-bit 32 MB
Operation: Pinkeye Demo - Linux 32-bit 32 MB
Operation: Pinkeye Demo - Mac OS 45 MB

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Every time I try to launch this (on Mac) I get a notice that says 

“Operation- Pinkeye Demo” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Unplayable, not sure why? Is there a fix? 

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Hey there,

It works fine for me, can you tell me what version of MacOS you’re using and your computer specs?

Love this game but please add an option in which you can change the key bindings. I play on a mac so I can't change my weapon or aim because I don't have a scroll wheel. 

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You can change the Keybindings by editing the config.cfg file


Loved how you wrote the dialogue, but I am having an issue where everything starts to flicker, and a lot of the models turn black, and that usually happens when I start walking. Is this supposed to happen? 

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Hey, can you send a video with the bug? Also what version are you using?


The main menu is confusing I can't figure out how to start the game.


Figured it out you have to press enter when you select something!

Yeah. I couldn’t get the mouse to work on the menu in time…


I cannot wait!


I like how this game progress i can't wait