T3ngist 1.2 Now available

I've updated T3ngist to fix some major bugs reported that I somehow overlooked...

Changelog 1.2:

  • Pick-ups can't be kicked around any more
  • Language choice in the options menu is now consistent with the language chosen at the start
  • Pressing Esc at the level select menu will actually exit it now
  • Guns deal more damage
  • Disabled ADS when fists are out
  • Enemies no longer glitch through the floir in the multi-storey level


A'v updatit T3ngist efter some huge bug war reportit that A overlookit, somehou...

Chyngelog 1.2:

  • Pick-ups canna be kickit aroond any mair
  • Leid chynce in options is nou consistent wi leid displayed at the stairt
  • Pressin Esc at the level select menu will actual exit it nou
  • Guns dae mair daimige
  • Disabled ADS whan neives ir oot
  • Enemies nae langer glitch throu the flair in the multi-storey level


T3ngist - Windows Installer/Instaaer 149 MB
Feb 08, 2020
T3ngist - DMG Package 60 MB
Feb 08, 2020
T3ngist - Zip 207 MB
Feb 08, 2020

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